seasonal treeAfter just less than two years of Blissphil Blogging the time has come to move on and start something new.

Over the last semester I have struggled to write, not because news has dried up, but because my news has changed, or at least my reaction to my news has changed. When I started this blog, I was full of the mystery and the wonder of God and the journey ahead.  I find myself now in a place where realism has crept in and life is a little more gritty and less idealistic, albeit just as mysterious and beautiful.

This blog belongs to a time in my life which I will characterise as ‘hopelessly romantic’ and dare I say it, a tad naïve. I am still a hopeless romantic, I still yearn for a more just and loving world and I am possibly still very naïve. But, I am learning to see the world differently, I am less ridiculously optimistic and more realistically hopeful.

I am going to continue to write, but in a new space, perhaps I’ll pop back into Blissphil mode, perhaps I won’t …

I hope you’ll continue to journey with me, here: @ 

With love,