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HeartI visited a little school in Howick yesterday that admits mainly impoverished and underprivileged children. Whilst waiting to see the Principal, I overheard an elderly volunteer talking about her morning. She had spent it travelling between various clinics and doctors trying to get someone to assist a young child with a chronic ear infection. She had been ‘moved from pillar to post’ in order to get the situation sorted and whilst she was ‘beyond exhausted’ her young charge had received a ‘good rest’ lying comfortably on a bed under the watchful eye of her guardian angel.

She sighed a good natured sigh as she reported back and the Principal said to her ‘you will most definitely get into heaven for this …’

I smiled to myself – I’m not sure about your future destination Kingdom Worker, but I am sure that you created a little piece of heaven for this child.

Heaven – not just a future place but a here and now reality for a child who experienced love, care and Jesus through the selfless act of a volunteer.

It was a happy thought …