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2013 has well and truly begun. Here at seminary we have hit the ground running. Orientation is one week in, one to go and it looks set to be a very busy and hopefully productive year for me personally as well as the community at large. One of my goals for this year is to be more active in community life and to take hold of as many opportunities for growth as possible. That looks to be coming true for a myriad of reasons and I am really excited about the year ahead.

praying mantisThat being said it’s very easy to become immersed in community life and say yes to all things. (One likes to be useful). But last night at bedtime, after a busy week and an equally busy weekend, this amazing little creature settled on my bedside lamp and cautiously watched and stalked the night life around her. Backwards and forwards she swayed, ‘ready, no not yet… ready, no not yet’ she seemed to be saying. She took her time, surveying her surroundings, waiting for the perfect moment to move, whilst watching me from every conceivable angle I might add (it was mutual that watching).

The praying mantis: the symbol of focus, stillness, concentration and prayer.

It was a reminder. It felt like a reminder.

Perhaps I am being encouraged to slow down a bit, to take my time each morning and each evening to Be Still. To remain focused on the tasks at hand, day by day. Contemplation, the art of being still, being mindful. Prayerful. Prayer-Phil.

She was beautiful, graceful, ever so patient and I am grateful that she stopped by.

Breathe … she seemed to whisper. Remember to breathe and to focus.