I am so proud of all of my family. Every single member.

But today I want to talk about my cousin Annie.

Annie and I have always been close. We are the closest in age of all the cousins and she and my sister and I have many happy memories from childhood. ‘ANNIE!!!’

A few years ago Annie decided to volunteer at Shepherds Keep, a home for abandoned babies on the Bluff in Durban. While working there she met a little man. I remember her telling me how special he was, that they had a unique bond, that he might even be ‘her’ child. (A heartfelt, whispered prayer).

I went to visit her at the home one day and she introduced me to her special boy. Man was he cute and there was no mistaking their bond.

She started making enquiries about adoption and for anyone who has been involved in the adoption process you will know just how complicated it can be. She was told that you can’t just decide to adopt because a social worker needs to be assigned to each party and there are no guarantees you get the child you want.

But as luck would have it, or as we would say, as God would have it, it wasn’t long before Annie’s social worker and Sam’s social got worker together to initiate the process and when Sam was 7 months old he went home to his mom.

Sammy is now 3 years old and what a cute little man he has turned out to be.

Annie, you are an inspiration and a Godsend. I am so proud of you and the love and the stability you have given this child – Your son, my Godson… (so much of proud!)

Thank you for bringing him into all of our lives and for showing us that no matter what, love will always find a way.

I love you both, more than you know.