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“If you had to pick, what kind of Christianity would you rather have: a Christianity with the right answers that was dead or a Christianity loose around the intellectual edges, that compelled people to act in love?” (Diana Butler Bass, quoting her Seminary lecturer, the aptly named, Prof Lovelace.)

Love is my theology plain and simple …

I am all for debating and thrashing out the words of theology, for understanding why we order ourselves in specific ways which come from years and years of ways of being, religious fundamentalism and ‘authentic’ biblical teaching. As a faith community our understanding of ourselves and our communities and our history is of utmost importance if we are to debate matters such as sexuality and marriage, justice and truth, politics and patriarchy. These things must and should be challenged and debated and re-understood.

But I am by no means a fan of doctrine over love, love for one another and love for God, true Christianity is the practice of love …

First and foremost my love for God lets me feel and experience a love which travels throughout my being and permeates my relationships. My turning point in faith (for those who know my testimony will remember this) came when I heard and felt and understood the words – ‘you are my beloved, on you my favour rests’ – the bliss flowed from this point.

For me, love is messy, very messy, it messes up my comfort and my peace and my head and my heart and it sets me on a new path of transformation as I strive to feel worthy of it and return it with as much abundance as my fragile vulnerability will allow.

Love is the only religion which I ascribe to – all else is words.