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Easter Monday, the weekend almost over, the holidays (at least for some of us) are over and a new season and a new term begins.

But Easter is not over. The fun is just beginning. Jesus has risen from the tomb and now has new mysterious lessons to teach us. In his resurrection we now have a different way of being. In the Liturgical calendar this season is known as Eastertide. It’s the time when Jesus walked amongst his people in resurrected form and solidified his teachings saying, ‘now it’s your turn’. No real mystery in that. What Jesus did on earth, we must do in his place, love, heal, teach and pray.

But, there is more to this season than just the earthly side I believe. There is a mystery to this time built into the experiences that we have been through during Lent and Holy Week. The next fifty days to Pentecost are filled with spiritual power and opportunity. If we tune in, then the window of opportunity for real transformation can be ours if we give it a chance to grow. This means, not just putting away our Easter hearts, but rather, remaining alert to the wonders and signs which Jesus can show us if we ask.

So rather than feel the end to Easter I am looking forward with an expectant heart. I wonder what this new season will hold as we move ahead with the risen Christ…