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Let me just say – pity parties ROCK!

I don’t often go down the rabbit hole of self pity – because, well, because it sucks down there – but Tuesday I gave in and honestly spoke my frustration and my pain. I locked myself in my room and lamented and I grieved and I resisted the news I had been given.

The best thing about a pity party is the people who will come party with you and offer words of wisdom and encouragement. I allowed the messages of love and prayer to fill my soul and wash over my being and I surrendered. In the morning I felt better…

Since then I have had time to hear how the Seminary works, how the qualification system is organised and what it is that is required of me from a Theological perspective whilst here. And I am impressed. I am impressed with the professionalism of the staff and the call to excellence from all who study here. I am touched by the willingness of the staff to ‘hear’ my story as an individual (to hear all of our stories as individuals) and to work with me for the best outcome for me and for the church and I am happy to report that things have been sorted out.

I have not lost 5 years of study! I have been registered as a second year student, mainly because I need to study the biblical languages Greek and Hebrew which are covered in second year (and were not covered by my original degree) and then next year I can potentially register for Honors midyear, based on my academic performance and/or readiness. I can live with that – in fact it feels to me that to surrender into God’s plan makes for a much better outcome than any one I could have planned for myself… so thank you for the prayers, for the messages of love and support, for the affirmations and the calls to remain faithful and patient.

God heard my pitiful little cry and a new path and new plan has been shown me and I am excited. In fact as I sit here now, my eyes go to my daily planner and I read these words: ‘only when everything is surrendered to Me can I work freely in and through you to bring about My wonder and glories’. How awesome is that?

Blissphil is back.