Today’s is a quick post, to share last night’s dream …

I dreamt of a house, empty, one side open so you could see in, made out of canvas so temporary and separated, top and bottom – almost like a dolls house.

On the surface of this dream, having emptied my home of a lot of my things it’s an obvious dream, but when I look deeper there is still much going on, this is a quick interpretation.

I often dream of houses, houses can signify the self, and of course upstairs and downstairs is the conscious and the unconscious aspects (simply put). So I take this dream to mean, I have been emptied – as my friend put it – ready to be refilled in a new way, in a Godly way, at the beginning of a new season.

I had a long chat with the gay husband last night and one or two last remnants that needed releasing were released, he helped me to see some things I was trying not to see or reluctant to let go of and often making yourself conscious of your baggage is the first step to putting it down. When you see the suitcase in your hand you realise that it’s heavy and can set it down. So I think I did.

Today my imminent move is very real and quite scary, but it’s also exciting to know that I have dumped a lot of my emotional baggage. I feel free and I feel light, I feel strong and I feel open, vulnerable, there is no furniture to hide to behind (there is no wall on the one side of the house for goodness sake!!!) – so feeling very vulnerable, but ready too.

I have been emptied out so Christ can do the infilling.

Good grief, how lucky can a girl be!?!