This picture is doing its rounds on social networks … and it speaks a thousand words!

Anyone who believes that world peace won’t be established until religion and cultural differences are obliterated – until all Jews become Christians or all Christians Muslims or all Muslims Hindus – is thereby contributing to the problem rather than the solution. There simply isn’t time for that. Even if there were – even if ‘one world’ meant a melting pot in which everything comes out a bland mush instead of a salad of varied ingredients and textures – I’m not sure that outcome would be palatable. The solution lies in the opposite direction: in learning how to appreciate – yea celebrate – individual cultural and religious differences and how to live with reconciliation in a pluralistic world.

After visiting the United Nations Meditation Room, which is unfinished so that offense is given to none of the world’s great religions, Marya Mannes wrote: “it seemed to me standing there that the nothingness was so oppressive and disturbing that it became a sort of madness and the room a sort of padded cell. It seemed to me that the core of our great contemporary trouble lay here, that all this whiteness and shapelessness and weakness was the leukemia of non commitment sapping our strength. We have found, finally, that only nothing could please all … the terrifying thing about this room was that it made no statement whatever.

M Scott Peck – The Different Drum – pg 19

Finding the courage to love all people, even the ones who frighten us with their difference, is real courage …