I follow a site on twitter called @firstworldpains – they tweet about the pains that only us first world’ers would have – as a for instance – if I was brave enough I would tweet – I have put on weight! #firstworldpain. Only I don’t want people to know …

@firstworldpain, apart from being amusing, is also a reminder about the things that we complain about in our world which are hardly soul destroying but which cause us irritation and/or anxiety, such as the un-workings of our technology or the slowness of fastfood.

Other than my widening girth, I have another first world pain.

Do I hold on to all my worldly possessions?

I mentioned that I am going to seminary next year (have I mentioned that?) and I am allowed to take with me: 1 bed, 1 microwave, I hairdryer and a TV, so at least I can stay home, in bed, eat popcorn and have fabulous hair – fantastic! The flats are fully furnished and so we can’t bring stuff with us. Now I am thirty-perfect years old (thanks Nic), single and live on my own in a teeny little cottage with some of my grannies furniture – not much, but its mine and its fairly sentimental. I have no storage facilities for this stuff and cannot afford to pay for storage – oh, the dilemma…

But here’s where it gets really interesting … about 7 or 8 years ago, before my calling to ministry I felt Jesus say to me ‘get rid everything, we are going on a journey’. I was so ready then – and nothing happened. Funny that! And now that I am being called to get rid of everything I am reluctant. I mean what’s going to happen in three years time when I get out of seminary and have to set up home?

I have done some serious downsizing and gotten rid of much stuff, but now I find myself attached to Nana’s dining room table, sideboard, little kist, teas sets and the like. My best, BEST advice is always – ‘just give it to God’, but I’m not sure God has any use for my grannies furniture!!!

I have a few weeks to decide to what to do – sell or um, well sell and if my dreams are anything to go by – it’s time to trust in the Lord and let go  …