‘The center that I cannot find is known to my unconscious mind’ – WH Auden

I first became interested in dream work in about 2008. I had a series of very interesting and very mysterious dreams. They seemed to me to be much more than just the flotsam of my waking mind and I began journaling and trying to interpret my dreams. To begin of course I turned to the internet – the fount of all knowledge both good and bad and found many generic dream interpretation sites or slightly new agey sites, which didn’t quite mesh with my beliefs and background ( not very helpful) and I began to talk about my dreams – to anyone who would listen I am afraid… (but very helpful)

It was one of these conversations that put me in touch with Estelle Hudson, wife of a Methodist Minister and wise, wise soul. Estelle invited me to join one of her dream circles. Wow… I had heard that women posses knowledge and wisdom, but it wasn’t until I saw it firsthand that I really understood just how powerful intuition and storytelling amongst women can really be… and of course how healing it can be.

That was the first lesson I learnt about dream work – I learnt that when we tell our stories we do so in a way that is subjective and ego driven and that these stories tell the truth of who we are as we see ourselves rather than as we truly may be …

The second lesson I learnt is that we don’t always see ourselves as others see us and so when we tell a story or recount an experience it can help to have others who know us, help to tease the truth of that story out of us. Giving a new perspective – highlighting a different focus.

I have also come to know that dreams are the secrets of our souls. Unexamined dreams can be like unopened letters. There is a part of us – a deep, deep part of us that is true and pure and wise and knowing. A part of us that is not scarred by life, that is not burdened by expectations and fears and years of conditioning, that knows us better than we know ourselves and that can speak to us very truthfully and very wisely, if we just but listen… that part of us we call spirit, that God calls beloved.

The first step towards being able to hear the voice of our creator, is to know the person that he created… not the person who has been shaped by the world, but the person who is hidden in Christ. (Col 3:3)

Oh – that’s another lesson I learnt about dream work… it can be rather painful – self knowledge – self acceptance and self-worth come when we peel back the layers of falsehood and that sometimes can be a very, very painful process. But in pain there is also beauty and release… the Prophet expresses this far more eloquently than I can when he speaks of pain …

Our healing comes through our pain, and our pain can manifest through our dreams… if we would but take the time to listen and to get to know…

There are different kinds of dreams for me – there are housekeeping dreams, dreams whereby my soul takes a deep breath and sneezes out the gumpf that has been collecting in my head and in my soul over a period of time. There are the dreams where I have seen something and maybe not processed it in my waking moment so process it in my sleep – those dreams I often forget… then there are the dreams which we call numinous dreams – the dreams of the spirit – the dreams which for me are breathed in with the breath of God in order to get me sit up and take notice, or maybe even just to comfort me – those dreams are every lasting… like a happy or painful memory they are etched on my mind and I doubt I will ever forget them … of those dreams I take much notice and I work with them over time… allowing fresh meaning to come through as I gain better understanding and intuition…

Dream work is fascinating to me because it smacks of the mysterious, the unseen, the stuff of faith. In our western dominated culture anything immeasurable or unexplainable or which is not fully understood is disregarded as nonsense or fluff and yet, and yet, our world is created out of the mysterious and the beautiful – it is only through exploring that we have discovered our wild and magnificent world and its only through exploring that we can discover our wild and magnificent souls – so listen, engage, tell your story over and over again and let the beauty of the mystery make Himself known as he reveals himself through your musings – happy dreaming!